How to know when not to buy a food

How to know when not to buy a food

It is important to read food labels to know poque and when not to buy a food, so they are not ingested substances harmful to the long-term health or cause allergies.
One should not buy a food label when there are many names of ingredients or additives with strange names, when the packaging is damaged or if the packaging can be harmful to health. A few simple tips that can help you understand if the food should or should not be consumed are:
1. Always read the label : when you have components that are not easily understood, such as monosodium glutamate, aspartame, tartrazine or dioxin, one should not buy this food because these substances can harm health. Furthermore, the higher is the list of ingredients is most likely to have this food additives.
2. Do not Buy crushed cans : when the can is dented in the can itself substances pass into the food by increasing the amount of these toxins.
3. Check the type of plastic packaging : when you have the number 3, 6 or 7 marked on the plastic, as shown in the picture, should be avoided, because these types of plastics can spend substances for food and are harmful to health . Learn more about the plastic packaging: plastic is bad for your health .

Crumpled tin
Plastics harmful to health
Also, it is important to check the expiration date that is in the packaging of any product and indicates how long this food can be swallowed. Expiration dates indicate the month and year and some even the day as in the case of yogurt or meat, for example.

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