3 reasons to buy organic food

3 reasons to buy organic food

Organic foods are usually smaller and more deformed than traditional but consume this product types in addition to being a healthy option, it is also an ecological attitude because it pollutes less the environment and favoring the environmental balance.
Therefore, the three main reasons for consuming food certified organic origin, are:
  1. Larger amounts of nutrients and antioxidants;
  2. Have more intense flavor , which makes eating a smaller amount more please;
  3. They do not contain toxins such as pesticides that can cause various types of cancer. 
Pesticides are chemicals used in traditional food products to accelerate growth and do not allow insects or diseases reach the plantation or farm animals, but the consumption of these substances are involved in cases of food poisoning and development of different types of cancer in people .

What are organic foods 

Foods are classified as organic when they are cultivated in the case of vegetables without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, or created, for animals without administering veterinary drugs, hormones, antibiotics or fed with genetically modified feed. 
Some examples of organic foods may be vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs to be called organic must be certified by recognized bodies officially getting a stamp confirming whether they are organic and that is different in Brazil, United States and Europe.

Certification seal for organic food

Stamp North American
European Label
These seals that certify that the food is of organic origin help consumers to identify such products ensuring their quality. In Brazil, products that receive this credential are overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture. 

Where to buy organic food

Organic food can be bought in supermarkets, usually in a section or stores specializing in natural products and are usually more expensive than the cultivation of products or traditional breeding.
Organic foods are recommended when you want to consume foods with skin and increase the amount of feed or fiber to provide babies who start feeding at 6 months of life, for example. In addition, eating organic foods is also indicated to promote a better process of detoxification of the body or liver.
To learn more about organic foods and liver detoxification see:  Diet to detoxify the liver .

Advantages and disadvantages of organic food

The advantages of organic foods are mainly enrich the food with more nutritious foods and to help prevent the onset of diseases such as cancer, for example.
The disadvantages of organic foods are mainly price, as organic products are generally more expensive than non-organic food.

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