Foods rich in collagen

Foods rich in collagen

The more foods rich in collagen are proteins of animal origin such as red or white meats and conventional gelatin .
Collagen is important to keep the skin firm, preventing or delaying the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the natural aging process. For improving the appearance and elasticity of the skin, collagen is also suitable to help in the treatment of cellulite.
But, to improve the absorption of the collagen present in food, it is important consumption of foods rich in vitamin C (such as orange and pineapple) at the same meal, as they potentiate collagen absorption at 8 times, thus giving better results in reducing sagging.

Foods rich in vitamin C
The collagen-rich foods should be eaten daily, but even if the individual consume foods rich in collagen regularly, only about 1% is absorbed by the body. All the rest of this collagen in the body is the result of the body's own production and this production tends to decrease over time until they finally come to an end, and that's why we age.
So the best way to combat aging and keeping the skin firm, is daily consume dietary supplements of hydrolyzed collagen.

Collagen hydrolyzate

Hydrolyzed Collagen is the most effective to maintain the firmness of the skin, because a small amount of the product contains a higher concentration of pure collagen and it will be totally absorbed by the body. The World Health Organization recommends consumption of collagen 9 g per day for adults.
Supplementation with collagen is important from 30 and essential from the age of 50 because, over time, it will no longer being manufactured by the body and therefore the skin becomes increasingly flaccid. See use for: Hydrolyzed Collagen .

The collagen supplement lose weight?

Taking collagen loses weight because it gives feeling of satiety, as it is a protein and remains in the stomach to be digested for a long time. However, its main function is to act in elasticity and support skin, reducing sagging.
The collagen may also be indicated after pregnancy or after a very large weight loss, make the skin regain elasticity and decreasing thus its flaccid state.

Collagen supplements

Some examples of collagen supplements are:
  • Collagen hydrolyzate, the Sanavita . Enriched with zinc, vitamin A, C and E, found in powder form to be mixed with water, juice, milk or soup and also in the form of a preparation for gelatin. Price: from $ 30-50.
  • Bioslim Collagen, the Herbarium . With green tea or lemon flavor, which should be diluted in liquids. Price: an average of R $ 20.
  • Collagen, the Performance Nutrition . In each capsule 6g. Price: an average of R $ 35.
One can buy the hydrolyzed collagen in the pharmacy, manipulation pharmacy or stores specializing in natural products.
Note: The collagen overdosing increases the risk of developing keloid pre-disposed individuals and, therefore, supplementation with collagen must be indicated and the quantity assessed by a physician or dietician.

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