Diet for children

Diet for children

WHO recommends adopting a diet for chubby and obese children to prevent obesity in adults. The child's diet should be made by a nutritionist and the child must also be accompanied by the pediatrician.
Evidence shows that children who are overweight do a diet rich in breads, cakes, pastries, fried foods and fast food, and these foods are not recommended especially at this stage where eating habits are acquired.
The diet for obese children should lose weight besides, teach her to eat well, increasing consumption of fruits, lean meats, juices and exterminate the habit of not eating healthy food.


Calcium salts

Calcium salts

The food supplement sold commercially under the name calcium salts helps decrease heartburn, since it reduces the acidity in the stomach. Therefore favors difficult digestion, providing immediate relief of dyspepsia. The supplement is sold in the form of tablets for sucking, and powders to be diluted in water.


Heartburn, dyspepsia, improve digestion and reduce gastric acidity.

How to use

Suck 1 tablet after meals or dissolve 1 or 2 teaspoons in a glass of water.


Coffee reduces the fatigue

Coffee reduces the fatigue

The coffee reduces fatigue body and mind, since caffeine, which is a substance that exists in the coffee has an ergogenic effect that increases the yield.
The benefits of coffee include protect the heart, lower the risk of prostate cancer and relieve the headache.The coffee is also beneficial in cases of asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, pneumonia, and vertigo. Since only contraindicated in case of high tension, stomach or duodenal ulcers and insomnia.
When coffee is consumed before starting a physical activity brings advantages such as less fatigue and greater motivation to perform the exercises and in addition, the consumption of coffee decreases the pain after the end of the most intense workouts.
As coffee decreases sleep , it should be taken, especially in the morning and one should avoid its consumption after at 18 pm, especially by those who have insomnia problems because, in some cases, can hinder sleep.
The maximum dose of coffee that can be recommended to take without harming health, can be the equivalent of four cups of coffee per day, about 400-500 mg of caffeine, and only after this dose is that coffee can harm health , causing insomnia, headache, anxiety, fast heart rate or muscle tremors, for example


Fish in Pregnancy

Fish in Pregnancy

Fish during pregnancy can be harmful to health because of the high concentration of mercury found in general in their flesh. The mercury ingested by the mother through food passes through the placenta to the baby and this can harm the neurological development of the baby, so it is recommended especially to women avoid eating too much fish such as tuna, shark and sword fish in pregnancy because They are fish that tend to have a lot of mercury in the flesh.
However, it is not forbidden for pregnant women to eat fish, but care is needed to consumption in large quantities. Eating fish during pregnancy is healthy, it contains omega 3, iodine, phosphorus and protein is recommended consumption of fish 2 to 3 times per week, avoiding especially eating oily fish and other small fish as a food source.

Raw fish during pregnancy

The raw fish in pregnancy should be avoided, as the seafood because these foods may have bacteria and viruses and therefore more easily cause food poisoning.
It is therefore recommended consumption of fish and seafood during pregnancy only when cooked because to be cooked decreases the possibility of causing food poisoning.


What Eating Before and After Exercise What Eating Before and After Exercise


Oils lose weight

Oils lose weight

Some oils have special features that help in weight loss process and are also rich in antioxidants such as coconut oil, chestnut-do-ParĂ¡ or macadamia oil for example. They have the power to facilitate weight loss, but each has its own special features, be it a special type of fiber or antioxidant component, check out some examples:

Sesame oil

Rich in omega 6:09 - fatty acids that fight inflammation cells facilitating weight loss.
Directions: Take 1 tablespoon of the oil in fasting or insert one it at lunch and dinner salad.

Macadamia Oil

Rich in omega 9, effective in lowering blood sugar, an action that decreases hunger and chances to accumulate fat.
Directions: Two tablespoons of dessert a day in ready soups or salads.

Flaxseed oil

It's what contains the highest amount of omega 3 and is useful in combating PMS and prevents the formation of fatty plaques.
Directions: Two tablespoons associated with 1 tablespoon of olive oil to soften the taste.Sprinkle the salad.

Sweet Almond Oil

The edible version of this oil is rich in vitamin E and help the body fight free radicals, molecules that bind to cells of fat and weight loss difficult.
Directions: Up to 3 teaspoons a day. Sweet blends with fruit or sweet dishes.

Sunflower oil

Rich in tryptophan, helps fight bad mood, also reducing the risk of cancer. The selenium and magnesium also present do well at high pressure and prevents migraine.
Directions: Two tablespoons a day in ready meals.
By adding these oils after the preparation of the dishes their properties are not lost and they do not bring harm to health.


Frozen food is bad

Frozen food is bad

Frequent consumption of frozen food is bad for your health because it is industrialized and contains additives that give more flavor, but can also cause fluid retention and increased blood pressure.
As for the foods that are prepared at home and then are frozen pose no health risk, if it has been properly frozen. To freeze a meal properly should put it in a plastic container without BPA, or glass cover and then plunge into a bowl of cold water to cool quickly. When cool place in the freezer with a label indicating the contents and the date it was prepared.
However, not all frozen food is bad, as in the case of vegetables and frozen fruit. These foods can be prepared at home without having to thaw and do not lose their flavor or nutritional value.


Drink Diet Fattening

Drink Diet Fattening

The consumption of diet drinks, contrary to popular belief, can get fat. The fact is explained by experts as a compensation method because as diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners, these trigger the hunger mechanism, causing the individual to eat more to follow.
Therefore, it is recommended only take diet drinks if the individual is diabetic and avoid as much to eat and drink too much.
Fruit juices and natural, although more caloric, have beyond the natural sugar that gives you the calories, vitamins, minerals and fiber that besides contributing to a better cell metabolism, help to improve bowel function and have natural antioxidant role in helping Also satiety control and balance the organism.


Foods with Low Glycemic Index

Foods with Low Glycemic Index

Foods with low glycemic index are foods that not too raise blood sugar and so are good for diabetics.
In addition, foods with low glycemic avoid that is hungry all the time helping you lose weight, make better food choices and to have a healthier diet.
Some examples of foods with low glycemic index are:
  • Whole milk or skim milk, yogurt or light ;
  • Cereals like All Bran , corn bread, pasta;
  • Beans, butter, soy, peas, chickpeas;
  • Peanuts,
  • Carrot.

Fruits with low glycemic index
All of these foods have a lower glycemic index than 55 and therefore are considered low glycemic index foods. When the glycemic index varies between 55 and 70 food has moderate glycemic index and above 70, high glycemic index.
See the glycemic values ​​of foods: Table of glycemic index .

Fruits with low glycemic index

The fruits with low glycemic index are those that do not greatly increase your blood sugar and can be apple, dried apricot, cherry, grapefruit, pear or plum, for example.
Despite the fruits have a low glycemic index to further delay the rise in blood sugar fruits should not be eaten in isolation but always accompanied by toast, biscuits, yoghurt or dried fruits like walnuts or almonds.

How To Cure Anemia

How To Cure Anemia

Anemia occurs when the body does not have red blood cells, hemoglobin, enough. To cure iron deficiency anemia is recommended to increase consumption of foods rich in iron.

Foods to cure anemia

Some examples of foods to cure anemia are:
  • beets, broccoli, wheat sprouts;
  • beef, lamb, rye;
  • chicory, apricot, spinach;
  • black beans, lentils, strawberries;
  • molasses, quinoa, nettle.
To enhance iron absorption, it is recommended the consumption of any food rich in vitamin C together and avoid dairy products two hours before or after meals.

Iron supplement

In severe cases of anemia, when iron values ​​are below 46 mg / dl or very close to this value, it is recommended to take a supplement of iron as ferrous sulphate daily.
Some cases of anemia may be caused by a poor diet or large loss of blood, as a very heavy menstrual flow and this must be investigated.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts

The Brazil-ParĂ¡ is very rich in selenium which is an excellent antioxidant that helps in cancer prevention and combating depression.
To get all the benefits of selenium that is the Brazil nut just eating a nut stop a day, it is not necessary to eat large quantities of food or it is mentioned it is very caloric. The Brazil nut calories are per 100 grams of food about de656.

Brazil nuts Benefits

The benefits of Brazil nuts are especially protect the body's cells due to the great amount of antioxidants as the mineral selenium that this fruit has. Other benefits of Brazil nuts can be:
  • Rejuvenate the skin;
  • Help in proper functioning of the nervous system;
  • To combat high cholesterol because it has a high content of unsaturated fat;
  • Promote heart health due to the presence of arginine and flavonoids.
Swallowing a Brazil nut unit per day is a great way to make supplementation in selenium, because 100 g of Brazil nuts have 4000 mcg of selenium.

Nutritional information of Brazil nuts

ComponentsAmount per 100 g
Power656 calories
Protein14 g
Fats66 g
Carbohydrate12 g
Fiber8 g
Vitamin A (retinol)7 mcg
Vitamin B11094 mcg
Vitamin B2118 mcg
Vitamin B37.8 mg
Vitamin C10.3 mg
Vitamin E7.1 mg
Selenium4000 mcg
Calcium160 mg
Magnesium376 mg


Benefits of Corn

Benefits of Corn

The benefits of corn are especially help regulate the intestines and prevent constipation because it is a food that has fiber.
Other benefits for the health of maize can be:
  • Protect cells;
  • Reducing cholesterol levels;
  • Help control blood sugar;
  • Help prevent heart problems.
Corn can be used in many ways, natural, in breakfast cereals, porridges, pies, hominy, couscous, polenta, mush and popcorn. There is corn oil which has good grease to the heart, such as polyunsaturated fats, but which can not be heated because with increasing temperature the fat does not do well to the heart.
Care is needed with canned corn because, generally, to preserve any longer is too much salt added. It is advised to cook the corn and freeze to save longer and keep their property.

Nutritional Information maize

ComponentsQuantity of 100 g of corn
Power371 calories
Protein9.3 g
Fats4.9 g
Carbohydrates70.3 g
Fiber2.9 g
Vitamin E2 g
Vitamin B31.6 g
Folic Acid26 mcg
Potassium285 mg
Match185 mg

Corn is a legume rich in carbohydrates and has no gluten and thus can be consumed by those who have celiac disease.


Food against Anxiety

Food against Anxiety

Anxiety can prevent individuals to make correct decisions and even paralyze him before any situation.A natural way to control anxiety is with the consumption of foods such as:
  • Lettuce : The lettuce is rich in lactucin and folate, which act in the body as depressants and prevent depression and mental confusion.
  • Eggs : Eggs are a source of B vitamins, niacin and acetylcholine. The lack of these substances in the body can cause anxiety, depression and apathy. 2 eggs a week are enough to maintain a healthy life.
  • Apple : Apples are rich in fiber, carbohydrates, zinc and selenium. Apple consumption combat anxiety and relaxes.

Fruits against anxiety
  • Grapes : Grapes, besides being an energy fruit is a source of B vitamins, which help in the functioning of the Central Nervous System.
  • Honey : Honey helps the body produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of pleasure and well-being, which regulates mood swings that cause anxiety.
  • Orange : Source of vitamins and calcium, orange is an energy fruit that relaxes the muscles, combat stress and fatigue.
It is recommended to include these foods in the daily diet as well as exercising and using relaxation techniques.

What is anxiety

Anxiety disorder is a psychological condition in which the individual is in a state of unpleasant seizure, resulting in a greater concern than that required by the situation.
Anxious individuals tend to be impulsive and have some urgency in solving problems and women are more likely to develop anxiety attacks than men.