How To Cure Anemia

How To Cure Anemia

Anemia occurs when the body does not have red blood cells, hemoglobin, enough. To cure iron deficiency anemia is recommended to increase consumption of foods rich in iron.

Foods to cure anemia

Some examples of foods to cure anemia are:
  • beets, broccoli, wheat sprouts;
  • beef, lamb, rye;
  • chicory, apricot, spinach;
  • black beans, lentils, strawberries;
  • molasses, quinoa, nettle.
To enhance iron absorption, it is recommended the consumption of any food rich in vitamin C together and avoid dairy products two hours before or after meals.

Iron supplement

In severe cases of anemia, when iron values ​​are below 46 mg / dl or very close to this value, it is recommended to take a supplement of iron as ferrous sulphate daily.
Some cases of anemia may be caused by a poor diet or large loss of blood, as a very heavy menstrual flow and this must be investigated.

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