Benefits of Corn

Benefits of Corn

The benefits of corn are especially help regulate the intestines and prevent constipation because it is a food that has fiber.
Other benefits for the health of maize can be:
  • Protect cells;
  • Reducing cholesterol levels;
  • Help control blood sugar;
  • Help prevent heart problems.
Corn can be used in many ways, natural, in breakfast cereals, porridges, pies, hominy, couscous, polenta, mush and popcorn. There is corn oil which has good grease to the heart, such as polyunsaturated fats, but which can not be heated because with increasing temperature the fat does not do well to the heart.
Care is needed with canned corn because, generally, to preserve any longer is too much salt added. It is advised to cook the corn and freeze to save longer and keep their property.

Nutritional Information maize

ComponentsQuantity of 100 g of corn
Power371 calories
Protein9.3 g
Fats4.9 g
Carbohydrates70.3 g
Fiber2.9 g
Vitamin E2 g
Vitamin B31.6 g
Folic Acid26 mcg
Potassium285 mg
Match185 mg

Corn is a legume rich in carbohydrates and has no gluten and thus can be consumed by those who have celiac disease.

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