Fish in Pregnancy

Fish in Pregnancy

Fish during pregnancy can be harmful to health because of the high concentration of mercury found in general in their flesh. The mercury ingested by the mother through food passes through the placenta to the baby and this can harm the neurological development of the baby, so it is recommended especially to women avoid eating too much fish such as tuna, shark and sword fish in pregnancy because They are fish that tend to have a lot of mercury in the flesh.
However, it is not forbidden for pregnant women to eat fish, but care is needed to consumption in large quantities. Eating fish during pregnancy is healthy, it contains omega 3, iodine, phosphorus and protein is recommended consumption of fish 2 to 3 times per week, avoiding especially eating oily fish and other small fish as a food source.

Raw fish during pregnancy

The raw fish in pregnancy should be avoided, as the seafood because these foods may have bacteria and viruses and therefore more easily cause food poisoning.
It is therefore recommended consumption of fish and seafood during pregnancy only when cooked because to be cooked decreases the possibility of causing food poisoning.

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