Foods with Low Glycemic Index

Foods with Low Glycemic Index

Foods with low glycemic index are foods that not too raise blood sugar and so are good for diabetics.
In addition, foods with low glycemic avoid that is hungry all the time helping you lose weight, make better food choices and to have a healthier diet.
Some examples of foods with low glycemic index are:
  • Whole milk or skim milk, yogurt or light ;
  • Cereals like All Bran , corn bread, pasta;
  • Beans, butter, soy, peas, chickpeas;
  • Peanuts,
  • Carrot.

Fruits with low glycemic index
All of these foods have a lower glycemic index than 55 and therefore are considered low glycemic index foods. When the glycemic index varies between 55 and 70 food has moderate glycemic index and above 70, high glycemic index.
See the glycemic values ​​of foods: Table of glycemic index .

Fruits with low glycemic index

The fruits with low glycemic index are those that do not greatly increase your blood sugar and can be apple, dried apricot, cherry, grapefruit, pear or plum, for example.
Despite the fruits have a low glycemic index to further delay the rise in blood sugar fruits should not be eaten in isolation but always accompanied by toast, biscuits, yoghurt or dried fruits like walnuts or almonds.

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