Organic silicon

Organic silicon

Organic silicon is a natural element found in foods such as oats, corn, rice and barley but that is mainly used as a food supplement in liquid or capsules to strengthen nails, hair and help in rejuvenation and skin elasticity.
This supplement can be purchased at health food stores or on the internet and the price of a 30 capsule pack is about 68 reais.

Organic silicon for hair

Organic silicon is good for acabelo because it helps in increasing strength, elasticity, strength and volume of hair, also reducing hair breakage, because it facilitates the formation of proteins important to the structure of the hair.

Daily dosage of organic silicon

The recommended daily dosage of organic silicon is a 150 mg capsule, in the morning.
To feel the benefits of silicon takes is always necessary to drink at least 3 months on a regular basis, because it is a food supplementation.

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